Daemon Goldhorn

A tiefling noble of a broken house who is trying to rebuild his life after being a thrall to a mind flayer.


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
Daemon Goldhorn, level 11
Tiefling, Psion, Dreamwalker
Build: Telepathic Psion
Discipline Focus Option: Telekinesis Focus
Aundair (City) (+2 to Arcana)
Theme: Escaped Thrall

STR 9, CON 14, DEX 12, INT 21, WIS 13, CHA 20

STR 8, CON 13, DEX 11, INT 16, WIS 12, CHA 15

AC: 25 Fort: 21 Ref: 24 Will: 28
HP: 66 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 16

Arcana +17, Dungeoneering +13, Insight +11, Perception +11

Acrobatics +7, Athletics +5, Bluff +13, Diplomacy +11, Endurance +8, Heal +7, History +11, Intimidate +11, Nature +7, Religion +11, Stealth +9, Streetwise +11, Thievery +7



  • Daemon was a young boy when his noble family’s house was infiltrated by a mind flayer.
  • He grew up watching his family become tarnished as the mind flayer used the political influence and wealth of his family to grow in power.
  • He awoke one day from his thralldom to find the mind flayer missing. There was great carnage in the once great home of his ancestors. The rest of his family are either dead or missing.
  • He has vowed to rebuild the great house of Goldhorn and restore his family’s honor. But before he can do that, he must track down the 3 who helped the mind flayer take and maintain control over him and his family.
  • One, is a human who wears the armor of the army of Aundair.
  • Another is an Eladrin with silver hair the color of the full moon with a single stripe of black running through it.
  • The third is tiefling, someone he recognized at the time but can’t remember.

Daemon Goldhorn

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